Intelligent Panel


1/ Human centric lighting solution

2/ CCT & Lux can automatically change as programmed

3/ Daylight harvest & Motion sensing

4/ Schedule available

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INTELLIGENT PANEL  Smart control solutions  Energy saving  Human centric lighting  Wireless connected  CIRCADIAN RHYTHM  Schedule available  Human centric lighting solution  Daylight harvest & Motion sensing  CCT & Lux can automatically change as  programmed  HARDWARES  CONTROLLER & SENSOR  SET BY SMART PHONES  FUNCTIONS   1 Circadian Rhythm  There are two types of circadian rhythm scenes. These two types of circadian rhythm scenes are designed based on the needs of involving daylight sensor. It means that the user can customize circadian rhythm profile by programming brightness either based on target lux level or brightness output level in % together with colour temperature via app. The profile will then run daily whereby the gradual change of brightness and colour temperature of the lights will automatically change over the course of the day.    Application Example: Healthcare  08:00  10:00   12:00Bright out    14:00  18:00  20:00   Application Example:office  08:00  10:00   12:00Bright out    14:00  18:00  20:00   Circadian rhythm diagram programable    WHY CIRCADIAN RHYTHM LIGHTING?    Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to follow a natural 24-hour light-dark cycle.   We naturally sleep when it gets dark and wake when the sun rises. Eventually, cavemen invented a fire torch of amber color to see at night and then Edison invented lighting 150 years ago, causing havoc to our internal body systems. Therefore,we worked in this area,aiming to design a product to improve human health via circadian rhythm.   DAILY CYCLE OF CORTISOL & MELATONIN   BENEFITS      People that lack exposure to natural sunlight are prone to have issues with mental and physical well-being resulting from abnormal hormonal secretion.    Seniors and staff can benefit from the way CIRCADIAN RHYTHM LIGHTING simulates quality outdoor conditions indoors. We hold the belief that it is better keep people healthy in contrast to treating disorders and diseases after they develop!   ENJOY DAYLIGHT INDOOR  IMPROVE HUMAN BEHAVIOR  KEEP PEOPLE HEALTHY  SUPPLEMENTARY TREATMENT WITHOUT DRUGS