1/Suspended,surface mounted

2/Internal driver,easy to wire

3/Gen 1.0 available,up to equip 7 optics,opal,prismatic as the most popular optics

4/Seamless linkable and no any light leakage at connection

5/Able to equip built-in sensor,daylight & motion sensing

6/Zhaga PCBA equipped,modular size

7/Custom painting color available,like silver,copper & wood

8/Super high efficiency,130lm/W as standard,up to 160lm/W

Product Details


We've made ingenious & super simple linear lights. However,we didn’t make one linear light that combines optcs,high light efficiency,and easy installalon. Therefore,we renovate our most popular profile and launch Ultimate family linear light as our most suggested linear light.Ultmate owns five popular opocs and can reach the light efficiency up to 160lm/W.Combining affordability & funccons.  We renovate our Ultimate family linear light   able to equip 5 different optics.Opal,microprismatic as most popular diffusers. White lourve is the most suggested for open office.Black lourve for private spaces as dark light.5-Surface for commercial lighting for wide beam.  We use Zhaga standard PCBA working as the LED modules of Ultimate family linear lights. Product size can be times of 140mm,280mm & 560mm,which is standard Zhaga PCBA size.  Our Ultmate family is perfect to illuminate  those diaphanous spaces and great  amplitude, afer all you get a comfortable and homogeneous environmental light.