Easyfit with CE,RoHS,SAA

1/ QLED inside

Quantum dots tech,more vivid color; No tiring eyes. 

Experience a more colorful world from now.

2/ 13 optics for option

Round,rectangle,low UGR,asymmetric,etc.

3/ Smart control eco-system

Brightness & color can be adjusted with time & environment to adapt people.

4/ High efficacy

Up to 140lm/W.

Product Details

Easyfit is born for simplicity. With amazing 13 optional optics for various application,Easyfit   is capable to meet the most demands of customers on lighting design. But on the other hand,it  is never  complicated. Easyfit aims to deliver comfortable & healthy light to human beings and   with affordable price.  With recessed installation only,it is easy to understand and use.   Easyfit can also work with our various control eco-system. This enables Easyfit to play a roleof Human Centric Lighting.  QLED  High color purity    Advanced quantum dots technology, more pure color.   No eye-fatigue. Enjoy a more vivid world from now.  DISTRIBUTION  13 optics  Round,rectangle,low UGR,asymmetric,etc.  Studied for more than five years to make  Easyfit able to equip 13 optics for   various applications.  INTELLIGENCE  Human centric lighting  Eazyfit inherits the idea of Human Centric Lighting.   Daylight harvest,photocell advance,occupation sensing,infrared sensing,etc.  ECO-SYSTEM BTHL works with top LED lighting  control manufacturers worldwide  Now we cooperate with Koolmesh,  Casambi,Silvair and EnOcean to provide a wider range of Bluetooth  lighting solutions.  Work as recessed downlight  Work as luminaire part of Executive grille light  INSTALLATION  Shopping mall Residence  Hotel  Office Recessed only  Wire first and put Easyfit into false ceiling. Then installation done  A company focusing on  Human Centric Lighting