CE RoHS Executive

Executive Grille Light

13 kinds of optics for option,suitable for all kinds of lighting application

Able to work as sign lighting

Multiple shapes available

Recessed,suspended & surface mounted

Super bright LED,up to 140Im/w

DALI/DALI 2.0/1-10v dimming/ Motion sensor/Emergency for option


Product Details


With its advanced design,it allows for a variety of possible applications integrating harmoniously in the architectural context. It can achieve perfect integration of light,environment and human beings,and create various optical environments. The numerous optical options and the full range of accessories make EXECUTIVE a perfect solution for the residential,commercial and office segments. CRI:80-99 Wattage: 20-40W Light efficiency:100-140lm/W  Size:595x595mm  Color temperature:3000K-6500K Optics:UGR22/UGR19/UGR13/UGR6/Asymmetric/Penta-surface/12°/24°/38°/50°/50x50°/35x70°/70x70°  Optional functions:DALI,DALI 2.0,1-10V dimming/Emergency/Sensoring  Multiple profiles One line  Two line  Three line

X shape  Arrow  High color purity  High color purity  No eye-fatigue. more pure color. Enjoy a more vivid world from now.  Intelligent  Executive Grille Light can be equipped with daylighting, photocell, PIR sensor and rhythm sensor. can adjust its CCT and brightness according to the change of environment.  in addition, when it is powered  on / off,  it will gradually become bright and dark smoothly with the human physiological rhythm. It can support Bluetooth, remote control, panel and control system to learn user's lighting habit, So that people are always in a comfortable and healthy lignting environment  Built-in sensor  Motion sensing  Daylight Harvest Show scenes Office Classroom HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING