Intelligent Panel


1/ Easy to learn the lighting status via display screen

2/ Lux level & Motion sensitivity can be set via remote control

3/ Copy all settings to other senors

Product Details


As an indoor lighting veteran,we focus on edge-cutting lighting control and contribute to research the demand of market.  Products designed affordable and functional for our intelligent lighting fixtures. Aphelios Max is designed with extraordinary compatibility  to integrate kinds of sensors from different lighting control providers. Designed for integrating kinds of built-in sensors Wider frame,More options.LED panel with frame made of white RAL9016 painted aluminium alloy,  prismatic diffuser as standard, UV resistant,UGR<19(4H-8H).Safety wire included for installation on false ceiling.Motion & daylight sensing with remote controller .Choose the desired daylight sensor threshold, the daylight  sensor will automatically switch on when surrounding  brightness is below the chosen threshold. If surrounding  brightness is over the threshold, the whole daylight sensor  will not work at all.During operation, the daylight sensor regulates the light output  automatically according to the level of surrounding brightness. The  natural light goes up, the artificial light goes down; the natural light  goes down, the artificial light goes up. The daylight sensor will automatically switch off when the natural light is confirmed suffcient (lux-off sampling time is 30s).This special daylight sensor responds only to changes of  natural light, any artificial light has no influence on its readings.The formula & graphics above are just for end users to  understand better how this daylight harvest sensor works  roughly, No guarantee that all testing results in real application  will be 100% matching. Suggested setting for the daylight harvest level is 300 lux, this value  should suit most of general applications. If 300lux doesn ’t match nicely, pls try different values (higher or lower) to fit better for your  specific application based on your actual on-site feelings.