Luna-floor- Sunttro ready

Luna-floor- Sunttro ready

1/Emitted light homogeneous & neat.

2/Super thin,this magic happens in only 14mm.

3/The gyroscopic axis allows the light to be directed in infinite directions.

4/Thanks to the coaxial multipolar jacks that conduct electricity through rotating joints.

5/Easy installation,connect three stems support to the central base.

6/Adjustable in intensity & CCT,from 1600-12000K.

7/Ideal both as an ambient light or a reading lamp.

8/Movable base,easy to adjust location.

9/High quality light source,super close to pure daylight  

Product Details

1.pngSunttro ready:Enjoy pure outdoor daylight with Sunttro indoor,Wide color temperature range from1600K to 12000KColor temperature ranges from clearblue sky  at 12000K to candle light at1600K.Sunttro closely follows thePlanckian locus and can replicatevast  colors of naturallight.